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Our Objectives

To reach out world wide with our expertise and global network ,providing solutions to help solve environmental issues faced, ensuring we play a part towards a safer environment for our future generations.

Our History and Goals

Having been in the environmental industry for 40 years, we always aim to provide clients with the most economic , quality assured and ethically responsible engineering solutions to solve their difficult environmental or engineering tasks at hand.

Our Clienteles

Our clients include:

Petrochemical plants and refineries

Pulp and Paper mills

Power cogens

Chemical mixing and productions

Government municipal waste treatment plants

Gas production facilities and storage plants

Plating, Wafer and Semi conductor plants

Hospitals , commercial and education facilities

Government national agencies , transport agencies and defense agencies

Our Facilities

With a global network of fabrication, regional sales and owned test facilities across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China, we are able to support your projects Asia wide , providing an economical option without compromising quality.

Our People

With experienced staffs of more than 20 years , site coordinators and supervisors , and with a rigid and regular training curriculum with updates on safety courses, we ensure an innovative, safe and experienced execution of your project every time.

Our Promise

We have a complete range of assuring and guaranteed environmental control solutions ranging from air pollution controls to water distribution and recycling frame works to corrosion protection services.

Having our systems and products inspected and regulated by third party test laboratories , we ensure your experience with us to be uniquely Singaporean, assuring and quality guaranteed.

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10 Buroh Street , West Connect Building #06-35 Singapore 627564

Tel: (65) 6314 8827 | Fax: (65) 6365 1796 Email: enquiries@awe.com.sg / aweenv@singnet.com.sg

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